February 9, 2021 admin

What is a lead magnet? 6 simple ways to increase lead generation

Lead generation is an essential part of almost every business, and it is becoming increasingly tough with consumers less willing to give up their personal data. A lead magnet is an incentive or value add you offer in exchange for an email address or phone number.

Lead magnets need to provide a win-win situation.  In return for the email address/phone number supplied to you – your lead, the customer needs to receive something enticing and interesting to reward them. It is also a great chance to further engage the customer with your brand. Remember this when choosing your lead magnet, and ensure it is relevant to your brand and demonstrates your unique selling points.

Successful lead magnets should provide something instantly accessible to your customer. They should solve a problem, even if it’s one your customer didn’t know they had.

Here are 6 examples of successful lead magnets:

  1. eBooks. Digestible and relevant content, ideally addressing a popular or topical question.  
  2. Case studies. Real life examples showing how other customers have used and had success with your product or service.
  3. Checklist/cheat sheet. Checklists are one of the most effective lead magnets. Simply presented information designed to save your customer time.
  4. Discount: A monetary saving that is appealing and has a sense of urgency. Eg. “Sign up to our newsletter now for 15% off your first order.” Or “Sign up here for FREE SHIPPING today only.”
  5. Video content/webinar: Video guides, courses or webinars designed to offer more information on your business or product in an easily digestible format.
  6. Free trial/consultation: People love to try before they buy! Give your customers an option of a free trial or consultation to experience your offering before they commit.

With the right lead magnet, you could be attracting ideal customers every day! Not sure where to start? Baker Street Marketing can help you discover what lead magnet is right for your business.