April 26, 2018 admin

How to Make Video Work For You

Video Marketing

One of the best ways to stand out from your competitors, capture attention and win new customers is to do video well. If you look at the websites of dentists, doctors, financial planners, lawyers and so many other professions dominated by small to medium sized businesses you will see a mountain of text, iStock imagery and layouts that are 5 – 10 years past their use by date.

A crafty video strategy will see you pop out of this bland background and appear more trustworthy, open, likeable and credible than your competitors.

So, how do you get started?

Here are some tips.

  1. Don’t be daunted – just start with something. You don’t need to hire an expensive video production company. A video can be as simple as you talking into your smartphone and uploading it to YouTube or Facebook.
  2. Set some goals, so you’ll be motivated to keep going. Set yourself a target of say having 200 passionate YouTube subscribers or 1000 engaged Facebook followers within 12 months and build from there.
  3. Come up with a video strategy. Work out the kind of content your target audience would appreciate and give it to them. This could be a mix of information, entertainment, personal insight into your business or life, customer testimonials, before and after shots of jobs you’ve done, tips and product or service information. Look at other video content in your industry and find a way to make yours unique.
  4. Tailor your video to the platform you’re releasing it on. For instance, YouTube likes longer form content (videos longer than 5 minutes are ideal), Facebook and Instagram are better for shorter videos.
  5. Promote your video content. Include it in your email signatures, share it on social media, run paid ads. Join social media groups on Facebook, Reddit or LinkedIn and slowly start contributing to conversations and sharing your content. Don’t just post a video and hope it will do well. Building an audience will require dedicated effort and perhaps initially, an ad budget to help you reach your target audience.
  6. Find a member of your staff that loves to create content and get them to drive the process. Reward them for their effort.
  7. Learn a little bit of basic editing. There are free tools (such as Windows Movie maker) you can use to upload and edit video.
  8. Make sure you have good sound and lighting. This is one of the ways you can stand out from the other amateur video content out there. If you’re filming from a distance, it’s particularly important to invest in microphones to ensure you get a clear, professional sound.

Video is low hanging fruit. It’s low-cost and one of the best ways to establish a unique voice in your industry so why not get started today.