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5 Things to Consider Before Using Google Ads

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Google Ads can be a very effective way to bring in leads and sales. Based on our own experience, small businesses in Brisbane that are well suited to the platform could bring in over a hundred calls, purchases or enquiries per month.

But what makes a business ‘well suited’ to Google?

Here are 5 questions to consider before you begin a Google Ads campaign.

  1. Are enough people searching for your product or service on Google? If you have a new device, app or niche service you may find that not that many people are actually searching for what you sell. Google Ads’ keyword planner can help you see how many people are searching for particular keywords per month in a given geographic area. Google Trends  ( can also help you see whether people’s search for your product of service has increased or decreased in the years and months up till now. As well as using the above tools, search for what you do on Google. If no one else is advertising, chances are Google Ads aren’t effective for those in your industry.

  2. Are you charging enough? You may pay $2 for an ad click on Google or you may pay $10 or more. Make sure your product or service sells at a high enough price to justify the cost you pay for your traffic. In order to work out your break even point, you’ll need to know what percentage of those who click on your ads end up becoming customers, so be ready to track that.

  3. Do you target a wide enough area to pay for traffic? Are you a personal trainer or a dog walker who only works within a 5 km radius of your home? It could be that your target location limits the number of customers you can reach, which in turn makes it hard for you to justify the costs of running a Google Ads campaign.

  4. Does your business compare well with its rivals? People who click on your ad are likely to look at your competitors too. Does your website and what you’re offering make it likely they’ll choose you over the other options? Try to make your website and offer to customers compelling so that they do. That doesn’t mean you have to be the cheapest. But you should strive to offer the most value.

  5. Can you put in the time and money to work out what ads and keywords are working and which are not? When setting up your Google Ads campaigns you’ll target what you believe to be the right keywords and write a range of ads you believe will work. But your initial intuitions could be wrong. Until you start your campaign, you won’t know which ads and keywords actually convert into customers and which don’t. You need to put the time in to gather that information and optimise your campaign accordingly. Be ready to commit at least two to three months to this process. The good news is, once you know what works you can repeat it long term and scale it up to bring in more leads.

Google Ads can be a very effective way to bring in a large volume of leads to your business. However, any one of the above 5 factors could get in the way of your campaign’s success. By considering them, you can start your campaign with realistic expectations and give it the best chance of working.

Need help assessing your suitability for Google Ads?

We can help you determine whether your business is suitable for Google Ads, taking into account the above factors. We can also set up a Google Ads campaign that is targeted towards your audience and helps you stand out from your competitors on Google. This includes writing persuasive ads and adapting your landing pages to encourage your visitors to take action. It also involves constantly testing and optimising every element of your campaign to make sure you get the best result.

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