November 17, 2020 admin

5 reasons you should invest in professional photography for your website

Professional photography is often put at the bottom of the list or forgotten about completely when investing in a new website. In our opinion, it should be seen as one of the most essential and important ways of promoting your brand.

Here are 5 reasons why we think that every business should invest in professional photography for their website:

  1. First impressions count. We as humans are so visual. Our brains will focus on imagery before registering the text on a website. Your website is more often than not the first opportunity to make a meaningful impression of your brand, and grab your customers’ attention with engaging imagery. They can see immediately that you are willing to invest in your company’s image, and that you take pride in the way you are perceived.
  • Get found online. High quality imagery can help you get found on Google. And who doesn’t want to get found on Google? Quality imagery creates a better user experience, resulting in high user engagement and time on site. Google’s algorithms use these behavior metrics to rank sites, and this could give you the advantage over other websites competing for that illustrious Google listing.
  • Stock photos are impersonal. They definitely have a place and are necessary in some circumstances, but generally they are not the best way to showcase your business. Your customers want to get to know you, your staff and your product. They love to see the staff that will be working behind the scenes, greeting them in the office, or operating the machinery. Give them the chance to make that personal connection.
  • Stand out from your competitors. Your customers can tell the difference between your professional photography and your competitors’ amateur photography. It gives you the opportunity to show your customers that you take quality seriously, and could just be the edge you need to convert that customer.
  • Create your brand identity. Having a visually consistent brand helps to build brand awareness and form your brand identity. A quality photograph can capture the essence and identity of your brand much more effectively than words. A photograph can showcase your unique offerings, translate your brand personality, and tell your stories, all capturing your customers’ valuable attention.

For these reasons and so many more, professional photography should be put to the top of your list when updating or creating your website. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make!

Need a recommendation for the right photographer for your business? Or have you recently had professional photos taken but need some help getting them up on your website? We can help, get in touch with us here.