October 13, 2020 admin

The power of a Brand Book, and why every Brand should have one

And no, we don’t just mean a logo.

Every business has a brand, whether they mean to or not. Some may think the extent of their brand is their company name and logo. Others may have a 50-page document that was created 5 years ago and sits at the bottom of the drawer. All of these businesses most likely have a brand style, tone and personality ingrained in their everyday work, however they may have not yet identified it or figured out how to use it to their advantage.

Brand guidelines are essential to an effective marketing strategy. They make life easier for your internal staff and external stakeholders like designers and agencies. They basically provide a set of “guidelines” on how people should talk about and display your brand. This, in turn ensures consistency. Consistency is key. Consistency across platforms and marketing material ensures your brand is recognizable and perceived as reliable.

So you have a logo. You have some colours you generally use, or maybe you don’t. What else do you need? Personality is essential. With so much competition, and the ever-diminishing time people have to research and find a business to suit their needs, personality and perception become game changers. Your brand likely has a personality and tone without you even realising. Are you a local small business that’s friendly and approachable? Or you might be a large corporate company that can achieve projects other companies can’t. Regardless, your personality is a huge part of your brand, and ultimately a huge decision making factor for your customers. How do you ensure this personality that has been created and represents your brand is translated into all of your communications? Enter, Brand Book.

A Brand book generally contains the following;

  • Logo suite
  • Fonts
  • Colour palette
  • Tone of voice & brand personality
  • Image style and approved imagery

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Having all of these things in one place that everyone within the business can access will keep your brand identity consistent and strong, in every single piece of content your brand releases.

Not sure where to start? We have extensive experience developing brand books for our clients, big and small. Contact us today to get started.