May 1, 2024 admin

Stop the scroll

One of the biggest challenges a small business owner can face when navigating social media is how to capture the attention of your audience and convince them that your product or service offers them more value than their current doom scrolling. So how can you provide value and stop the scroll?

Step 1 – Refine your target audience
First you need to really know your audience, we mean know exactly who they are, because you can’t provide value if you are not targeting the correct people.

Step 2 – Align your content to your brand
Do not confuse your audience!  Make sure all interactions with your business are on brand and consistent across all platforms – website, social, billboard etc.

Step 3 – Seven second rule
You have only 7 seconds before your audience continues with their scroll, so make all interactions with your posts simple, quick and smooth. Ensure your logo is in your creative and your brand name in your copy, along with benefits and features.

Step 4 – Boom effect!
If you want to stop your audience in their tracks, you need something that goes BOOM! An image, copy, something that grabs their attention, then keeps it. Make sure it is short and sweet, easy to understand and relevant.

Step 5 – Optimise, optimise, optimise!
Always continue to optimise. Social media is not a set and forget platform, whether that is Facebook, Instagram or Google, you need to actively review your insights and make adjustments.

Step 6 – Stand out!
In today’s bustling digital landscape, capturing people’s attention on social media is more challenging than ever. To make your mark, utilise eye-catching visuals, compelling storytelling, embrace authenticity and inject personality into your brand’s voice to forge genuine connections with your audience.

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