August 4, 2016 admin

Lipstick on a Marketing Pig

While marketing is getting more sophisticated, the folksy wisdom about not putting lipstick on a pig holds true more than ever.

You can have the most advanced copy, beautiful imagery and finely targeted media buying. However, if your offer is weak or generic, your campaign is not likely to be successful. So before you undertake any marketing, think about WHAT you’re offering and how it compares to other alternatives in your marketplace. Don’t assume the offer is what it is and it’s marketing’s job to dress up and sell it. Put as much energy and thought into your offer as you do your marketing. Split test different offers and continually refine them based on real sales data gathered from your marketing channels.

The best offer doesn’t mean you have to be the cheapest. It means you should aim to offer the most value. Do people receive more features and benefits, reduced risk, saved time and money by engaging with your business? If not, what can you do about it? A great offer is essential to effective marketing so it’s worth investing the time, money and imagination to ensure you have one.

Have a look at what really drives your customers to take action and what your competitors are doing and create an offer that cuts through the noise. Your marketing can then focus on communicating this offer as effectively as possible, rather than trying to conjure a superior offer where none exists.