June 8, 2016 admin

Comedy In Marketing

The move towards social media has created new opportunities for marketers and comedians to collaborate. After all, funny gets shared. Many businesses bombard their social media audiences with purely promotional content. That’s not what most users want and they will tune out. Most people are on social media to relax, escape and be with their friends. You wouldn’t turn up to a party and just talk shop and social networks should be treated the same.

Use social media to entertain your followers, educate them, build rapport and tastefully (perhaps 1 in 5 posts) make a sales pitch. You’ll find these pitches are much better received than if they are the only type of content you share.

Creating shareable video, text and audio isn’t easy, particularly for people trained with a purely marketing background. Comedians can offer a level of humour and left field sensibility that can cut through the marketing noise of your competitors and help you connect with potential customers.

At Baker St Marketing, one of our directors is a working comedian and we also work closely with other stand up comedians, sketch comedians and writers to create appealing content for our clients. Contact us to find out how we can bring your business to life on social media using original, engaging content.

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