August 17, 2021 admin

3 ways to effectively communicate with your customers during lockdowns

The COVID pandemic continues to affect us all in one way or another. With lockdowns becoming a part of life for the foreseeable future, it’s important to continue to communicate with your customers and clients throughout. Even though life as we know it often comes to a halt, that doesn’t mean communication should too. But what should you be saying?

Here are 3 ways you can effectively communicate with your customers throughout lockdowns:

  1. Add a little value
    It’s a time to assess what your customers and clients may need right now, and to provide just that. For some it may be educational resources and interesting blog articles to pass the time, for others it may be a new and exciting offer to get your customers motivated for post lockdown.

  2. Provide open, transparent updates
    This is a time when honesty is key. There is so much uncertainty at the moment, so remove some of that by being open and honest about how lockdowns will affect your business, your customers and the service you provide. Providing open and honest updates will build customer trust and loyalty. Consider adapting and offering alternatives to maintain customers such as digital and virtual interactions.

  3. Deliver some feel-good content
    We all need a little pick me up at times, think about how you could provide some feel-good content to your customers. If you’ve supported frontline workers, gone over and above for your staff members, or helped out in your community, let people know. It not only gives people the warm and fuzzies, it shows you care.

With this new way of life, it will be continually necessary for businesses to keep up communication with their customers. With everyone stuck at home, email and social media are quick, easy and effective ways of communicating during these times. Remember we are here to help, get in touch today!

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