Close-up of secretary’s hands doing paperwork
Close-up of secretary’s hands doing paperwork

How to Write So People Listen

Speak, don’t write.

If you want your writing to be interesting, act like you’re speaking, not writing. And put that on the page. Wait – can you start a sentence with and?! Yes. Because from now on, we’re going to write the way we speak.

Here’s this issue. Most people write according to rules that are fine for school English assignments with little at stake – but near useless in your effort to catch the attention of a busy customer. Read more

Lipstick on a Marketing Pig

While marketing is getting more sophisticated, the folksy wisdom about not putting lipstick on a pig holds true more than ever.

You can have the most advanced copy, beautiful imagery and finely targeted media buying. However, if your offer is weak or generic, your campaign is not likely to be successful. So before you undertake any marketing, think about WHAT you’re offering and how it compares to other alternatives in your marketplace. Don’t assume the offer is what it is and it’s marketing’s job to dress up and sell it. Put as much energy and thought into your offer as you do your marketing. Split test different offers and continually refine them based on real sales data gathered from your marketing channels. Read more

Comedy In Marketing

The move towards social media has created new opportunities for marketers and comedians to collaborate. After all, funny gets shared. Many businesses bombard their social media audiences with purely promotional content. That’s not what most users want and they will tune out. Most people are on social media to relax, escape and be with their friends. You wouldn’t turn up to a party and just talk shop and social networks should be treated the same.

Use social media to entertain your followers, educate them, build rapport and tastefully (perhaps 1 in 5 posts) make a sales pitch. You’ll find these pitches are much better received than if they are the only type of content you share.

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